Commercial surfacing is one of our fields of expertise and we can offer excellent cost-effective solutions for all car park and retail surfacing repairs. We offer a comprehensive range of services within the commercial sector including patch repairs, complete resurfacing, new construction, kerb repairs, drainage, footpaths, line marking and joint repairs. Regardless of size we are completely committed to offering superb workmanship and value for money in all retail applications.

Tarmacadam properly referred to as bituminous macadam or “Bitmac” for brevity, is thought to be the cheapest and quickest method of surfacing. Tarmacadam has become a popular, although technically incorrect term for both bitumen and asphalt which is used to surface pavements, highways and even internal floors.

Tarmacadam is a process binding together smaller aggregate as pioneered by the legendary Jon MacAdam in the 19th century. His work resulted in the development of tar-based macadam’s which became abbreviated to Tar-mac. Nowadays we use bitumen from the oil industry rather than naturally occurring tar and therefore we now have bitumen macadam.

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Hot Rolled Asphalt


Hot rolled asphalt commonly known as HRA is a dense mixture of mineral aggregate, sand, filler and bitumen that complies with EN 13108 and the NRA Specification for Road Works. It is mainly used on public highways due to its durability, longevity ad skid resistance. There is a high proportion of sand in the mix which creates a low percentage of air voids once compacted. The mortar of bitumen, sand and filler fines gives HRA its strength. When used on public roads high PSV chippings are applied to the hot-laid material and rolled in to form a skid resistant surface.

Stone mastic asphalt also referred to in the industry as SMA was developed in Germany in the late 1960s. It is a dense wearing course with a high stone content. A few benefits of using this material include consistent appearance, decreased road noise levels and reduction in water spray from vehicles.

Open graded asphalt uses the latest technology and a modified binder. The open aggregate structure allows drainage and voids surface water. It is available in 6mm stone for driveways and 10mm stone for carparks, the material reduces direct surface water and eliminates the problem of both standing water and ice patches that can occur in cold weather conditions.

Here in the UK, the temperature can change like a flick of a switch. With this sudden temperature change, the water absorbed by surfacing can freeze causing it to expand creating a weakness in the surface. Once thawed the surfacing will collapse in on itself and leading to the creation of a pothole. This damage to surfacing commonly occurs on our roads, car parks and driveways.


A damaged surface can lead to your property appearing to be poorly looked after, for this reason, it must be repaired as soon as possible. 

We are one of the leading surfacing contractors in Newmarket and Cambridge areas, providing our clients with a comprehensive service which is also competitive on price. Simply fill out our contact form or give one of our team members a call today.


One of our surveyors will come out to the property and provide you with accurate pricing of the required work, we can then work together to find a date and time that suits your business. 


Potholes Repair


Car Parks / Access Road Surfacing

Car park surfacing is one of the services we offer to businesses throughout Newmarket and Cambridge areas. We have the expertise to complete a full range of car park work including patch repairscomplete resurfacing, new construction, kerb repairs, drainage, footpaths, line marking and joint repairs. Our team go above and beyond to ensure that all work is completed to the highest of standards creating the professional entrance that your business deserves. 


With over 30 years of experience within the industry, you can rely on our team to provide high quality yet cost-effective service. We also use specialist surfacing equipment to ensure quick application and professional results time after time. Over the years we have completed work for reputable brands including Rossdales, National Stud and Audi.